10 Ideas to create a stunning Feature Wall

10 Ideas to create a stunning Feature Wall

What is a Feature Wall?

Everyone uses the term feature wall, but what exactly does it mean? A Feature Wall is a room often decorated in neutral colours and one wall chosen to be decorated in a different colour to make a statement.



To me a feature wall is a wall doesn’t have to be just decorated with a different paint colour it doesn’t even have to be the biggest wall, it just needs to make a statement. This can be done in a variety of different ways and below I have 10 different ideas for you to think about when creating your own Feature Wall.


1. Maps & Travel

If you are a keen traveller and like to visit different places around the world you may like to create a personal focal point which you can use to display the different places in the world you have visited. It can also become an inspirational wall to display family memories that you have created & would like to create in the future.

This Hexagonal display below is bang on trend a the moment with geometric shapes & patterns being everywhere, you could use pages of world maps displaying parts of the world that you have visited or have a special meaning to you & your family. You could display areas of the world that you & your family were born, family holidays, where you got married.

The idea of using a very large world map on a wall with different ways of putting a focus on key places – such as the luggage tags as shown below with a memory written on. A photograph from your visit could be displayed around the edge of the map with a pointer to place. Large decorative pins or stickers could be used.

Photos taken from Pinterest – too see the originals please follow the link

2. Chalkboards not just for children

Using Chalkboard paint to cover a wall or an area in a room can be used in different ways. You can write motivational messages on their, draw your own artwork including framed photographs, Signs & childrens artwork to personalise it.

The advantage of using Chalkboard paint is if you get fed up with the display you can wipe it out & re-design it.

Photos taken from Pinterest – too see the originals please follow the link

3. Using fabric

There are lots of fabics and textures that are used everyday in our homes as sofas, curtains, cushions etc. but have you ever thought of decorating a wall with them. You can get a set of canvases really easily & by covering them using bright, vivid fabrics you can create a stunning wall display. You can also embellish them with buttons creating Letters to create words as shown below or family’s names or initials.

By using small pieces of fabric & embroidery rings you can create these unique circles and by combining them with other circle accessories & using different sizes it can look really effective in a room.

Using a bit more fabric you can take a strip & create a wall hanging & by using a few you can create a dramatic statement wall.

Photos taken from Pinterest – too see the originals please follow the link

4. Combining storage

By using different items which would usually be thought of as storage items you can create a unique display replacing a boring shelf.

Below uses painted wooden crates which are attached to the wall to create a great display in a room and also act as a practical use, such as storing shoes & boots in a hallway. Again using geometric shapes such as hexagonal boxes they can be displayed in a creative manner.

Photos taken from Pinterest – too see the originals please follow the link

5. Displaying photographs

Everyone probably has photographs around the home, either standing on a sideboard or on the wall. So why not get creative, use a combination of the same colour frames just in different sizes, or use a combination of colours & sizes with letters and other decorative items.

You could be really brave and make a feature out of a boring corner in your home, or even get artistic and paint a large tree on the wall to display photos of your family. You don’t have to be an expert artist to do this.

I would definitely suggest if you are going to attempt any of these features to plan them out first by lying them on the floor first to finalise your pattern before starting to hang on the wall.


There are lots of examples of pattern designs on my pinterest page to help you if you would like to attempt this.

Photos taken from Pinterest – too see the originals please follow the link

6. Decorative mirrors and frames

As an alternative to the idea above using photographs you can also create a fabulous statement wall using decorative mirrors. You can use this idea for a childrens bedroom by using a decorative frame & insert a decorative letter of their initial. This can be sprayed a colour to match the room.

I love the idea of the antique mirrors displayed below.

Photos taken from Pinterest – too see the originals please follow the link

7. Using Texture

Adding a feature into a room doesn’t have to be just colour, you can create a stunning focal point using texture. Below gives you an example of how you can use distressed wooden floor boards to create a panelled wall. You can also use a combination of ceramic tiles which you can fix to a wall, overlapping them to create a random pattern.

Another suggestion is to use wallpaper which looks like wood, or steel panelling, checkout our full designs of textured wallpapers on our website.

Photos taken from Pinterest – too see the originals please follow the link

8. Paint effects

Using paint doesn’t have to be boring. You can create funky, modern designs using different patterns. In my daughters bedroom because I couldn’t find a red & white wallpaper she liked we painted the wall in a neutral colour & drew around different sized bowls & plates on the wall and painted the circles red to create a polka dot design.

The image below shows a similar design using star shapes.

Diagonal stripes can be created quite easily using masking tape as a guide  and can look beautiful. If you want to get really imaginative you can draw random shapes & paint in similar colours give a really modern feel.

Photos taken from Pinterest – too see the originals please follow the link

9. Wallpaper

Wallpaper can be a lot more exciting & inspirational than the anaglypta paper my parents used to put on their walls. You can get some fabulous mural designs in almost any theme that you can think of. Why not have a look at our full range of wallpapers on the website which are perfect for creating a feature wall.


10. My Feature Wall

I thought I would share with you my feature wall which I am in the process of creating in my kitchen. This wall includes a mix of family photographs of specific events or holidays which we have happy memories of, it includes decorative mirrors, as you can see I love hearts and different motivational signs that I have bought or received as presents. This is still work in progress and I will continue to add to it as family memories are created.


Back in May when I wrote this blog above is how my kitchen wall looked, I did say it was work in progress. Now in October I have added to my memory wall. We have had a family holiday this summer where we were lucky enough to visit the beautiful island of Mauritius, the top right of this wall is a plaque in the shape of the island hand-painted with their national bird the Dodo, we also went on Segways for the 1st time. I have added in our family photos of when we swam with Dolphins in Mexico & added some new signs & precious pictures with friends.

I wanted to share these changes with you to show that you don’t have to have the finished perfect wall. The best walls are built over time with new memories to be added.

I have a new project now, I’m going to create a 2nd memory wall on my landing upstairs, the wall is bigger.


If I have inspired any of you to start your own memory wall I would love to see & hear all about them.


10 ideas to create the perfect memory wall - Your Cosy Home


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