Ideas to create a Cosy Corner in your Garden

I love my garden, I think I’ve got that from my mum who can spend hours gardening. I’m not an expert & everything I plant doesn’t always survive but I am enthusiastic.

In recent years gardens have become much more than just somewhere to grow some plants. We as a country invest a lot more time & money into our gardens in creating it into an extention of the home.  This is especially because of the trend of large open plan kitchens with extra Family areas that tend to have large bio-folding doors leading onto the garden.

Families now like to have a living area in their garden where they can cook, entertain friends, eat & relax in.

You don’t have to have a large house to make the best use of your garden.


So how do you get started?

I have been looking into some fabulous ideas to create a cosy corner of your garden and below I have pulled together some that may help you in your own garden.

Once I got started writing, I have to admit I got a bit overwhelmed as there were so many images I wanted to include I didn’t know quite where to start. As there were so many ideas I wanted to share with you I have decided to split the content into 2 blogs, so here we go with the 1st part.

8 ideas for creating a cosy corner in your garden

Trying to keep it to just 8 was really difficult & I could of put lots more, but here are 8 different ideas that I just love. They are all different but all outside areas I would love to relax in.


So how do you create a cosy corner in your garden.

1. Seating

A place to sit and relax in a garden is one of the essential elements and you could take the route of buying traditional garden seating, which is what we have recently done as our old furniture was falling apart. Or you can think a bit more outside of the box.  We have gone for the corner sofa style but you need to think what you will want the seating for before you spend time & energy finding the right fit.


You could go for a wooden picnic style bench which is perfect for eating & entertaining for short periods but not very practical for relaxing in the sunshine & putting your feet up.

Another idea is to use wooden planks which can be held by concrete posts either side, as you can see in the 3rd photo below & decorated with soft cushions for comfort, this can be put against a wall in your garden.

Using re-cycled pallets and painting them up in bright colours adding cushions can be a great way to create an informal seating area. Plus a great way to create a festival style seating area, maybe for the younger crowd is to use rugs, cushions & throws & create a picnic style area.

The advantage of this is it can be stored away easily when not needed. There are lots more ideas on my Pinterest page if you want to go & check them out.


2. Lighting

I LOVE garden lights!

Lighting is a lot more popular these days with lots of different options in LED & solar powered lights. One advantage is you don’t need to get an electrician in to put you lots of lights & power sockets everywhere & they are so much cheaper as they run off solar or battery energy.

There are a lot of options available –  lanterns & candles can act as decorative pieces in your garden during the day but lights come into their own when it goes dark.

Stringing party lights up either as a single string or multiple rows above a corner of the garden can be so effective. Plus if you have trees or bushes available then these can look amazing too, checkout the photos below.

As well as string lights you can also use candles in jars either placed around the area or hung in jars or bottles from trees.

Again there are lots more ideas of lighting on  my Pinterest page if you want to go & check them out.



3. Fire Pits

Sitting outside in the evening can be a lovely thing to do, but realistically in the UK it can be a bit chilly in the evening, so a good Fire Pit can be great to keep you warm. You can buy ready made Fire Pits or you can build your own.



4. Creating a cosy corner in small gardens

So not everyone is lucky enough to have large gardens, some people have small courtyards or even balcony’s as their only outside space.

So if you have a balcony you can still be really creative and make the most of your space that you have. Below I have 2 different ideas of how you can use seating, throws, cushions & lighting to create your cosy outside space.



The same if you have a courtyard, by using imaginative seating to make the most of your space and using planters and candles you can build something amazing.

Even by cutting an umbrella in half you can create some shade area.



So I hope these images have fired up your imagination to create a cosy area in your garden.

I would love to hear which designs you liked.


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