Decorating your home for Easter

We love decorating our homes for the festive season of Christmas and more and more Halloween.

So what about adding a few decorative touches to your home for Easter.

There are some great reasons for getting creative:

  • It’s the first Bank Holiday of the Year
  • Easter falls around the start of Spring
  • It’s probably the first time all the family will get together since Christmas.

Spring itself brings sunshine and energy into the home, it’s a time of hope, happiness and looking forward to warmer days and lighter nights.

If you plan your decorations well they can be adapted with a few tweeks to be a decoration for spring too, getting a longer period for your time and effort spent planning.

Here are a few ideas that will help to inspire you this Easter.

Decorating your Front Door area

Wreaths are becoming more popular for Christmas and now throughout the year. More people have decorative hearts & wreaths on their doors all year round. How your home looks from the outside is really important to us as it’s a visual representation to everyone that visits and passes of how much you love your home.

I’ve always taken great pride in how my front door area looks, it’s the first impression people get of you and your home.

  • There are lots of options from Rabbit shaped wreaths which you can either buy or shape yourself if you are feeling creative and decorate them with flowers or coloured eggs and ribbons.
  • Traditionally wreaths are round, you could decorate these with spring flowers and eggs, ribbons, usually pastel colours.

Have a look below for ideas.




Bespoke Door Displays by Making an Entrance

If you don’t feel creative enough to make your own wreath you can always ask Wendy from Making an Entrance, she has some gorgeous creations on her website.


This eye-catching door decoration features a quality umbrella in contrasting shades of pink with a black handle, generously filled with a gorgeous arrangement of Plum and Apricot coloured Everlasting Tulips and hand tied in the centre with colour matched satin ribbons and bow.

This arrangement is equally suitable as an internal or external door decoration. Simply hook the umbrella handle over your door wreath fixing, alternatively you can order a colour matched satin ribbon to hang it with.


Decorating Outside

Depending on the space you have outside your home depends on what kind of decorations you can display.

Here are some ideas for you.

  • Decorate lanterns that you use all year of for Christmas with Rabbits, flowers, eggs and ribbons.
  • Use small Easter buckets and hang them from ribbon at your front door or even from a tree in your garden.
  • You could use more Easter Buckets inside to display chocolate eggs or gifts.
  • Use larger brightly coloured containers with handles to decorate with flowers and hang from your hanging basket hooks.
  • What about using wood in the shape of rabbits or bird houses to decorate the outside area.



Table Centre Pieces

If you have family coming Easter think about decorating your table with a centre piece.

  • Decorate a long wooden container that looks rustic with spring bulbs and flowers decorate with ribbon and eggs.
  • Upturn large glasses decorate underneath the glass with Easter decorations and add a decorative candle on top of the upturned glass.
  • Place cards with peoples names on with single flowers or a small bunch of spring flowers.
  • Add finishing touches by folding your napkins into bunny ears. Find the instructions here 




Flower Arrangements

Adding spring colour around your home can make you feel happy. So here are some ideas to inspire you.

  • Dig out some decorative jars, vases, anything that is glass, arrange Spring flowers into the jar and add Easter inspired items inside such as eggs, coloured beads, as long as they will be okay within water they will be okay to use, unless you use dried flowers then you can use anything.
  • What about using decorative ceramic jugs to create a display, there are lots of them in the shops alternatively there are also lots of them around in charity shops if you go looking and a lot cheaper too, add flowers and create a display with a few of them together using different sizes and designs, try and keep the colour the same so it isn’t too busy looking.
  • Empty egg shells in egg cups with small displays of flowers can be perfect when room is tight or on busy tables, just ensure you use smaller flowers.




Easter Bunting

What about adding some bunting to your home for Easter?

  • You could add some Eggs to string using small pegs or ribbon.
  • Put small holes in the top of Eggs and attach to a string of fairy lights.
  • Cut out Easter Bunny shapes of coloured card and display from some ribbon



Egg Trees

There are lots of ways you can create Easter Trees, these are more and more popular. There are ideas and suggestions for you below in which you can create any size tree either with eggs on sticks to create a bouquet style display.

An alternative design is to use blossom branches to create a display.

If you really want to go for it you can see examples of people who utilise their Christmas Tree and to decorate them with Easter decorations.

The WOW factor…….


I hope this has given you some inspiration to decorate you home for Easter and Spring. Please come over to my facebook page or join my facebook group and share your Easter decorations I would love to see them.


All images have been taken from Pinterest and can be found on my Pinterest Board with links to the original posts.


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