Although I have been on Facebook for what seems like forever with my personal & business profiles, I have only recently started looking seriously at Twitter. I had dabbled in the past with an account I had for my Kool Kids Rooms business but it seemed to move so fast I never really bothered with it.

I had registered for a Twitter account when I set up all my other social media profiles for Your Cosy Home but hadn’t done anything with it as to be honest it scared me.

But  last Monday I decided that I would make an effort to try & understand what Twitter was, how it worked & how I could use it to promote my new business Your Cosy Home.

I did a bit of reading but most importantly I just got stuck in & started talking to people & other businesses. I actually enjoyed it. It can be a bit lonely sometimes when you are a small business owner working from home & Facebook can be such a lonely place as you can spend ages creating interesting posts that you think people will love & it doesn’t get seen by anyone.
So Twitter to be honest was a breathe of fresh air.

I started by making a list of a few of the different hours that took place on twitter and the one that fit in most with me was #womaninbiz which took place weekdays between 6-7pm. The businesses there & the host Rae were lovely to me & made me feel really welcome. It was a real shock coming from Facebook that people responded to your tweets and re-tweeted your posts.

I came back each night & started to recognise some of the businesses & got to see their gorgeous work. There are some fabulous small businesses out there if you just look.

I had seen that there were different awards on Twitter, so I made a note of them & set myself a target that I would win one of them by the end of July. I also set a target to have 1000 followers by the same date which seemed a mountain to climb as I only had 5 at the time and one of them was me as Kool Kids Rooms.

The first one that came up to enter was a #QueenOf award which is run by  Andy Quinn from @AquaDesignGroup. Female business owners can tweet him with the #QueenOf on a Thursday between 9am-9pm with why their business is unique & special.

To cut a long story short I was totally flabbergasted when I found out later that evening I had been chosen as a winner for that week. That evening & the next day my twitter account went into overdrive with lots of lovely people re-tweeting my business & sending me congratulations.

It was an amazing feeling to be part of a community that supported each other.

On Friday I also entered another similar competition with #BrightPig run by @MarkWarburton & OMG I actually won that too. How amazing is that. Just shows you what you can achieve if you put your mind to it.

Since last Monday & put in a good few hours a day talking to people & in the week I was amazed that I had actually managed to get  223 followers within just over 7 days of networking.



My target of 1000 by the end of July now looks a lot more do-able.

So I will continue to talk to people on Twitter and see where it gets me.

If you have an account on Twitter please come & follow me & join me on my journey of world domination.

See you there.

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