Getting your home cosy for the Autumn

As Autumn arrives it is a time of year where we want to make every room in our home cosier. I think you should always start in the rooms where you start and end your day.

So with this in mind I will start with the Bedroom

Your bedroom should be a warm & restful haven that you can escape to from the rest of the stresses of your life. It should be inviting, cosy & calm. Make sure it is kept free from clutter to enhance your relaxed mood.

Make sure all your higher tog duvets are freshly washed ready to go on to your bed, Layer it up with cosy bedding, add layers of textures with throws and blankets and dont forget the cushions.

Use warm colours against a neutral background to create a welcoming environment.

Making a welcoming Entrance

The entrance to your home should be an inviting place to welcome you home especially in the Autumn when it is generally cold outside and you may have been out at work all day or lucky enough to have been on an energetic walk through the woods.

Whatever you have been doing you just want your entrance to your home to give you a big hug when you arrive.

Earlier in the year I wrote a blog about creating great kerb appeal for your home and making the most of the front of your home. It may have been written in the Spring but is equally relevant all year round. Just think autumn flowers and colours instead of spring.


Have a read of my blog on creating Kerb Appeal for your home, there are lots of relevant tips included.





On top of the tips above you have to think about somewhere to put your wet, muddy shoes and boots in the Autumn & Winter months. So if you haven’t already got a dedicated place for them to go what about some of these suggestions. They need to be kept neat & tidy.

Ramping up the Coziness in the Living Room

So most of us end the day trying to relax and unwind in some kind of living room. Look at your curtains replace them with thicker fabrics in warmer colours to keep the drafts out from your windows especially in older properties. Layer up your sofas with textured throws and blankets with different cushions to create that soft and cozy feel.

Think about lighting, use soft glow lamps in dark corners and light scented candles or diffusers to create a gorgeous smelling atmosphere.

Large mirrors can also be used to reflect light into a room

Think of those finishing touches….

Add some displays of winter flowers and think about creating displays using natural products like twigs, led lights and pine cones.

Think about the jobs you should be doing around your home.:

Clean all your windows to let the maximum amount of light inside.
If you have an open fire, get it swept
Bleed your radiators so you are getting maximum heat from them.
Change batteries in your smoke & carbon monoxide alarms.


for further Tips & ideas to get your home ready for Winter.




Thank-you for reading

Michelle x

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