10 Top Tips for getting your home ready for winter

It’s time to say goodbye to Summer and welcome in the Autumn months. The weather forecasters at the time of me writing this are saying we are going to have a few good weeks of weather so lets hope they are right. But lets face it, it is only putting off the inevitable. It’s already getting darker earlier and it’s definitely getting chillier.

So how do we get our homes ready for the winter?

I have 10 top tips for you which will help you get prepared and hopefully avoid any expensive disasters in your home.

  1. Clean all your gutters, front & back

    Make sure you clear out all leaves & muck from inside your gutters, this will ensure if we do have excessive rainfall you will not have any water pouring over the sides and any backlogs that will create leaks into your home.

  2. Wash all your windows inside & out

    It can get really gloomy outside in the autumn/winter months so you need to make sure you are getting the maximum amount of light into your home, people can really suffer during these months from lack of sunlight so get those windows gleaming.

  3. Check all your fences are secure

    Somewhere during the winter months I’m sure we will get somekind of storm and wild winds. Make sure you check those fences now and get them secured. It will be a lot cheaper in the long run than having to buy a new fence, plus getting hold of someone to replace it after a storm is always challenging.

  4. Check your roof out for loose tiles, dont forget your chimney too.

    For the same reason as above, if we do have any wild weather, any loose tiles or chimneys will get found out, so replace them now otherwise the job will be more expensive later and you dont want any water damage coming into your loft.

  5. Seal any windows that are letting in a draft

    Having your heating on costs a lot of money, so dont be throwing good money away by having drafts around your home, get them sorted now.

  6. Lag any outside pipes & taps

    Last year my mum had a frozen pipe, it meant she was without heating for a couple of days until she could get it sorted and it was just a very simple job of defrosting her outside pipes. Get them lagged now to reduce the chances of frozen pipes.

    Dont forget your outside taps too, get them wrapped up for the winter.

  7. Put new batteries in your Carbon monoxide monitor & if you dont have one get one

    Carbon monoxide can be a silent killer, make sure your batteries are replaced for the start of the winter and if you haven’t got one, GET ONE.

  8. Get your central heating & fire serviced.

    This goes without saying, if we have a spell of bad weather its always hard to get a central heating man to come out immediately, so reduce the chance of any problems and get them serviced now.

  9. Check your loft is fully insulated

    Your loft should be insulated but if its not then invest in getting it done, your heating bill will be cheaper.

  10. Cut down any large tree branches

    Again if we have any storms make sure any large, old tree branches are cut down. Better to be safe than sorry than a tree branch to come through your garage or shed roof, take down your fence or even even worse cause damage to a neighbours property.


If you do all these then you are definitely going to reduce (not eliminate – sorry) the chance that you will have an expensive problem with your home this winter. This gives you more chance to treat & spoil yourself, lets face it we all love a treat now and again.

I hope you have found these tips really helpful, if you have then please leave me a comment below.

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