Happy Leon Day everyone!

Not heard of Leon Day, well me neither until the other week. So what is it?

It is an unofficial American holiday (aren’t they all I hear you say) celebrated on the 25th June which is 6 months to Christmas. Leon is Noel spelt backwards. #NationalLeonDay

So 6 months to Christmas! How the hell did that happen, it only feels like last month I took my tree down.

But I also feel like I’ve been looking at Christmas all year & I guess I have as I have been putting together my plans for expanding my product ranges for this coming festive season. My Christmas started in Harrogate in the 1st week in January at the Christmas Trade Show.


Sid the Sprout – Sprouts have feelings too! was just one of the funny ideas that took me & my daughters eye whilst we was there.

A Christmas Blog – Really???

I really did struggle with the idea of writing a blog about Christmas before people had been on their summer holidays, but please don’t stop reading its really just a light hearted look at how we prepare for the big day. So bear with me.


Some of you reading this will be thinking yep, I’m well on the way to being sorted for Christmas, & you may well be the only ones that have carried on reading this & there will be others who are thinking NOOOOOO STOP !!! they probably aren’t reading this any more anyway.

I was interested in looking at how different people prepare for their largest shopping period of the year & found I could identify & slot my friends & family into one or more of these categories.


Let me know in the comments below which one identify with most.


What kind of shopper are you

1. Early Bird

Early Birds are supremely organised shoppers. I think we all know at least one friend that falls into this category. They tend to start shopping really early, sometimes in the after Christmas sales. They can be really efficient with lists & even spreadsheets showing their purchases. Early Birds often make great savings on presents as they have all year to take advantage of sales & special offers. By the start of December or even earlier they are feeling very smug, stress free & relaxed with all their presents wrapped as everyone else is getting hot under the collar running around.


9% of Shoppers start their Christmas shopping in December


2. Last minute Rusher

The last minute shopper often says every year they will not leave their shopping until the last minute but often do. Alternatively there is the last minute shopper that leaves it until the last minute on purpose as shops do tend to be less busy on Christmas Eve. Usually great savings can be made as a lot of shops now start their post Christmas sales on Christmas Eve. They may not to have specific presents in mind & the downside is that you still have to wrap them.

To most of us leaving it this late fills us with dread, but often the last minute shopper thrives on the stress.


19% of shoppers don’t start their shopping until December


3.  One Stop Shopper

One Stop Shoppers are usually  online shoppers that sit down at some point, usually November or early December & write a list of who they have to buy for & an idea of what they want for each person. They then sit in the comfort of their own sofa with a cuppa & shop online.  A large proportion of the presents will be found on Amazon, but they are very price savvy, efficient & get the job done.

There only issue then is the huge amount of deliveries they have to wait in for but if they are clever they will order as click & collect.


4. Leisure Shopper

The Leisure shopper is someone who likes to make their Christmas Shopping into an event. They will visit a city centre or Out of Town shopping centre & make it a full day event. They usually shop in pairs, stopping for numerous breaks for coffee, lunch & a glass of bubbly. They will not necessarily be price sensitive & will be seen carrying huge number of bags not necessarily all for other people.

This tactic may result in numerous visits to get the job done.


5. Small Business Shopper

There are a growing number of shoppers who like to support small local businesses when doing their Christmas shopping, maybe because they run a small craft business themselves or just because they see a lot of businesses online. These people will spend time thinking specifically about who they are buying for, what their interests are & like to give unique, handmade presents.

They are not necessarily price sensitive as they are more interested in getting a unique gift.


Please let me know in the comments below which one you identify with most.

Over the last few weeks I have been lucky enough to see a preview from some suppliers of the Christmas bedding and accessories that will be available this Christmas, below is just a few of those ranges that I will be selling soon.

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My Full range of Christmas products will soon be listed on my website and you will be able to view them here 



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Thank-you for reading

Michelle x

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