What are memory jars and how can your family start one

What are memory jars & how do you get started?

At Christmas our family received a really amazing Christmas present from some fabulous friends of ours. We was really touched that they had put so much thought into such a personal gift. I had actually posted about Memory Jars at the start of last year about what a great idea it was but had done […]

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What are Christmas Eve Boxes

What are Christmas Eve Boxes?

What are Christmas Eve Boxes? Christmas is such a magical time for children and family traditions can help create the most amazing magical memories that will stay with your children forever. Recently the tradition of Christmas Eve Boxes has become more and more popular. Christmas Eve is the most exciting day of the year for […]

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Happy Leon Day, 24th June - 6 months to Christmas

Happy Leon Day

Happy Leon Day everyone! Not heard of Leon Day, well me neither until the other week. So what is it? It is an unofficial American holiday (aren’t they all I hear you say) celebrated on the 25th June which is 6 months to Christmas. Leon is Noel spelt backwards. #NationalLeonDay So 6 months to Christmas! […]

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Creating a cosy corner in your garden1

Creating a cosy corner in your garden

Ideas to create a Cosy Corner in your Garden I love my garden, I think I’ve got that from my mum who can spend hours gardening. I’m not an expert & everything I plant doesn’t always survive but I am enthusiastic. In recent years gardens have become much more than just somewhere to grow some plants. […]

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Queen of Tranquil Spaces - Twitter Award

My First week on Twitter

Although I have been on Facebook for what seems like forever with my personal & business profiles, I have only recently started looking seriously at Twitter. I had dabbled in the past with an account I had for my Kool Kids Rooms business but it seemed to move so fast I never really bothered with it. I […]

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What does Spring Mean to you

What does Spring mean to you?

So Spring has arrived! I find that more people now get more excited about the arrival of Spring than New Year, so why is this? I think New Year comes at the end of the festive period, we start to celebrate Christmas a lot earlier these days & by the time New Year comes then […]

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Why I started my second business - blog

Why Your Cosy Home was started

So why when I was already running a successful online business did I decide to setup a 2nd one? Sometimes I think I must be slightly mad, but honestly I love it. I love the interaction with my customers and helping them find exactly what they are looking for. 3 years ago I started selling […]

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