Fairy Gardens are magical places for both children and adults. They are enchanted places where children can play and you can use your imagination.

Follow my steps below to help you create your very own Fairy Garden

Those who dont believe in magic will never find it.

Roald Dahl

Where do you put your Fairy Garden?

There are no fixed rules about building a Fairy Garden, you do whatever you want depending on the space you have available. The traditional idea is that you have a woodland area under a large tree at the bottom of your garden but we dont all have that kind of Enid Blyton woodland garden and have to tailor our designs accordingly.

I have taken some ideas from Pinterest of areas you can place your garden, it can be at the bottom of a tree or just in an area along a fence.

Alternatively you can get creatively and use separate planters to build different styles of gardens, or use different size planters on top of each other to create different levels using ladders. You could really think outside of the box & build your garden inside an old tyre. The limit is only your imagination.

Suggestions: Old wash basin, old drawer, wheelbarrow, large planters, wooden barrels, bird bath……

Start with a Fairy House

Every garden should have a fairy house for visiting fairies to come & visit & sleep in on cold nights. This acts as your focal point in your garden and somewhere to start to build your garden around. You can do this in various ways you can buy one and I have a range of fairy houses on the website to buy ranging in price from £7.99 to £29.99. Some are metal and others are a resin mould. Also some of the houses are Solar or LED so provide some light when it gets dark.


You can view our full range of Fairy Houses here 


Alternative ideas for Fairy houses are birdhouses decorated, upturned plant pots or stones or logs piled into a house shape, covered with moss & a door on the front.

Adding Plants

You cant have a Fairy Garden without some fairy woodland plants, so here is a list of the best plants to use:

  • Miniature Daisys
  • Miniature Ivy
  • Pot Succulents
  • Herbs – especially Thyme
  • Lilly of the Valley
  • Forget-me-nots
  • Ferns
  • Moss

Adding Fairy Accessories

There are lots of great accessories you can add to your garden to start building up your own fairy playground depending on what kind of garden you want to make. So start to design how you would like it to look first so you can start to collect your accessories but remember a Fairy Garden can always be changed around & added to.

Here are some examples of the accessories you can look at adding to your garden:

  • Walkway using gravel around your garden especially leading up to your house or door
  • Coloured gemstones or glitter adds that extra magic.
  • Sticks & log circles to create stepping stones
  • A fairy tepee complete with bunting by getting together some scrap pieces of fabric & some sticks
  • Post Box
  • Swing
  • Fairy windows and Doors
  • Sign Posts using lolly stick, some paint & a marker pen & direct your visiting fairies to wherever you wish in your garden.
  • shells to create a pond, waterfeature or birdbath.
  • Picket fence using lolly sticks
  • Toadstools using stones painted
  • Furniture, Bridges & Woodland Creatures

Dont forget to add those Fairy lights & accessories 

For more inspiration on creating your own Fairy Garden have a browse through my Pinterest Board

Thank-you for reading

Michelle x

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