Creating Kerb Appeal – What does it mean?

It is a term used a lot around the property market, its used to describe the attractiveness of a property and its surroundings when viewed from the street.

But even if your not selling your house how it’s viewed by others passing by or visiting is also important. We all judge a book by its cover (even though we know we shouldn’t) because first impressions definitely count.


It is said that when selling your house you have just 8 seconds when someone arrives at the property for them to decide if they like it or not, that’s not long.


We don’t all live in a tree lined avenues with long drives and wisteria growing around the doorway but we can make the most of what we have.


8 Ways to Create Great Kerb Appeal

There are lots of ways to create a stunning front to your home but the most important thing is to put your stamp on it. The front of your home should reflect your personality whatever that is.


Front Door

Your Front Door is the focal point and entrance to your home, its the one place everyone sees.

Make sure your door suits the overall design and age of your property, ie you don’t want a very contemporary looking door on a Victorian property.

If its looking a bit drab give it a fresh coat of paint. Think about choosing a colour to suit your personality instead of just white or black.




Door Furniture

Take a look at your door furniture, by that I mean your letterbox, door knocker, handle and even any number signs or house names.

They may just need a good clean & polish but if they haven’t been replaced for a while think about buying some new ones. They can make a massive difference to the look of your door.


Lighting to the front of your home can act as a dual purpose.

Add some lights either side of your front door for security purposes so your home is less attractive to anyone lurking around after dark.

But think about adding some lighting to your borders dotted around your plants or to line a driveway. Think outside the box don’t just buy the lights everyone has get creative.

I have a growing range of outdoor lighting now on the website


Windows, Gutters & Paintwork

Clean all your windows inside & out, it may seem an obvious one but it can make a difference to the look from the outside as well as making your rooms lighter inside.

Clean up all your gutters, downspouts and window frames, it definitely makes a difference.


Fences & Gates

Do you have any broken fence panels, if yes get them repaired. Think about giving your fence a lick of paint. You can get some lovely colours now not just brown. Make sure you oil those gates & think about adding a lovely welcome sign.

Click here to get amazing help on how to choose the right colour for your garden.

Colour by plants

This is my favourite bit. You can add lots of colour in different ways to the front of your home. You’ve already painted your front door you may have gone for a modern grey, bright yellow or red.

So if you are lucky enough to have a front garden, add some colour with plants & flowers to the borders.

Look at adding planters and creative items to the front area of your home.



Make sure you don’t forget your lawn if you have one, get some feed to keep it green in the warm summer months.


As well as making sure you have a well painted front door why not add a gorgeous spring/summer wreath. They don’t have to just be round anymore there are lots of shapes and designs that you can create.

Add a letter to reflect your family name. Use different objects such as umbrellas, wellington boots, baskets, heart shapes.




Use creative ideas to add welcome messages to your family and friends. Below are a few ideas using painted plant pots, painted stones & boards.




Move all those muddy trainers, wellies and football boots from the front door.

The wind can blow all those loose leaves into all the nooks & cranies at your front door, so give it a brush.

Last but not least find somewhere else for those rubbish bins or at least find a way to hide them from view.

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading and found some of the advice and ideas helpful.

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Thank-you for reading

Michelle x


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