How do you make the most of your Garden for the Summer?

Here in the UK we love our gardens & I am no exception but how do we make the most of our garden for the summer so we can sit & relax, entertain friends & family, let our children play safely, eat & just be?

Keep reading and get some great ideas of how you can make the most of your garden by adding colour creatively, ideas for the adults & the kids & how to accessorise your outside room.


Adding lots of colour into your Cosy Corner of your Garden?

Everyone knows about the traditional way in planting shrubs and flowers especially bedding plants into borders but what about getting creative and using other every day objects to display your flowers.

What about using colourful Culinders which you obviously associate with the kitchen to create a colourful display, they are perfect for the job as they already have their own drainage system in built.


One of my favourite is hanging a large photo frame in the garden to frame a beautiful plant. I just need to work out the best place to put this in my garden.


To create some height in your garden why not use a medium sized wooden step ladder and add an variety of different smaller plants in interesting pots & tins.



A great way to add interest into your garden is using industrial items, this large wooden cable reel can be used and by altering it to add plants can create something really beautiful.

If you don’t have space for a cable reel why not use a selection of colourful tins in different sizes to brighten up a boring wall or fence.


Those little touches.

I love this idea of using an old metal spoon to create a hook for holding a hanging basket.

And what about painting an old chandelier adding plants to each light shade & hanging it over a decking area. Wish I hadn’t thrown away my old light fittings now.


Ideas for the Adults.

Gardens are all about relaxing and chilling either at the end of a hard day or at weekends with friends & family. What about taking out a wooden plank from the centre of a wooden picnic table & adding some trays for holding your wine bottles & glasses perfect when you are entertaining friends or using candle holders sat in the grass to hold your bottle & glasses.



Another use for those wooden cable reels is to paint it up & utilise as a garden table.  Don’t be afraid to decorate your garden as you would dress your home.

Let’s not forget the kids

Lets talk about the kids & practical tips to make those precious hours in the garden as relaxing as possible & minimising the mum, dad, mum, dad as much as possible.

Top Tips for kids

  1. Put some tiny holes in a 2 litre plastic pop bottle and tape it to a hosepipe to create your very own kids sprinkler.
  2. Keep those pesky flies and wasps out of their drinks & yours for that matter using a straw & a cupcake case.
  3. Use the same cupcake cases to catch all the drips of those lolly Ices, if we are lucky enough to get a proper summer.
  4. Use a shoe or wardrobe organiser hung up in the garden to hold all those essentials to save you getting up all the time. Fill it full of suncream, sun hats, towel, wipes, spare socks………



Make your Garden just another Room in your home

Decorating your garden and making it an extention of your home is a great idea and the best way to do that is to think of your garden as another room.

Decide on a colour and theme and accessorise with cushions, candles (which look pretty in the day but even more so in the evening when you can light them) & throws.

As we do live in the good old UK and not the Mediterranean if you are sitting out in the evening it can get a bit nippy, so get yourself a throw, fleece or blanket to snuggle under whilst you are sat with your bottle of wine in front of the fire pit.


You can view our full range of Home & Garden Cushions & Throws and Blankets on our website.



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