At Christmas our family received a really amazing Christmas present from some fabulous friends of ours. We was really touched that they had put so much thought into such a personal gift.

I had actually posted about Memory Jars at the start of last year about what a great idea it was but had done nothing about it. So when we received our Memory Jar we was delighted and I wanted to share it with you.


What is a memory Jar?

The idea is that throughout the year everyone in the family writes down their memories & adds them to the jar. Usually all the BIG memories are never forgotten like starting a new school the birth of a new baby but its the little memories that give us so much joy that get forgotten.

On New Years Eve you open the jar as a family and spend a short time reading all the memories that happened during the year.

We have started filling our jar with all our memories, everyone has added at least one memory and I am really looking forward to reading them all at the end of the year.



It’s not too late for you to start your Memory Jar………


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