My garden is my passion, I love spending time out there, watching things grow and designing a beautiful relaxing space.

This blog will be updated at least once a month throughout the year to record the changes to my garden throughout the seasons, and the projects that I will be attempting to hopefully enhance my space along with showcasing my products from my website and how they look in my garden.

I hope you will stay with me throughout the year to see what happens.


My first photos I took of my gardens this year was to show the amount of snow that we had in Warrington, which compared with a lot of areas was not a lot and only lasted the day.

These were taken on the 30th January 2019 the first photo is of my decking area from my conservatory window early in the morning and the 2nd is my front garden from my bedroom window.  



This is my two tiered decking area with my corner sofa & table under its covering. I cant wait to be able to get it out of hibernation for the Spring. 

One of our first jobs for the year will be to jet wash the desking and re-stain it, we only did a partial job on this last year as our jet washer broke and then the hosepipe ban came in so we were unable to complete the job. 

But its definitely a must do job this year.


These three photos show the back of my garden between my decking and gazebo in each corner.  Last year I planted the shrubs along the back so I’m hoping they will grow this year to cover the fence as the weather and lack of water last year impeded that.

This area in my garden is my BIG project for this year. Last year we cut down a climbing hydrangea as the fence is badly in need of repair. This will be an urgent job this spring and then I want to re-design the area in front of the fence…. Watch this space !

This is my gazebo originally it was in my mums garden, she wanted to get rid of it so we had it dismantled and re-built in our garden. We didnt get much use out of it the 1st year as we had no furniture but last year we bought a round dining table and chairs and because of the gorgeous weather we ate outside in there quite a lot.

I’m really looking forward to using it more this year.





Taken on the 22nd February all the spring bulbs and flowers are starting to bloom.


Not the best photos I’m afraid but the work has started now on sorting out the side fence. Ive started to clear the weeds and dead plants ready for hubby to take up the tree stump and sort out the fence


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