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Watch my video below to explain all about how your wallpaper will arrive, sizes and delivery.

How to measure your wall

You need to ensure you measure your wall accurately before ordering, returns cannot be made because you have measured incorrectly. Measure the height of the space you want to decorate in 2-3 places, ensure you measure the tallest point, Do not measure in one place and assume it will be the same all the way along.  Do the same for the width of the space measuring in 2-3 places.

Make sure you measure in centimeters, this will help in deciding what size to choose.


What sizes do the rolls come in?

Our standard Wallpaper Murals come in 2 sizes:

Large: This is 3m/300cm wide x 2.4m/240cm high, this comes as 6 drops of wallpaper, 50cms wide all printed in a continuous sheet rolled.

Extra Large: 3.5/350cm wide x 2.8m/280cm high, this comes as 7 drops of wallpaper, 50cms wide all printed in a continuous sheet rolled.

Union Brick Wallpaper Wall Mural by Ohpopsi, Rustic Union Jack UK Flag Feature Wallpaper NYC Wallpaper Wall Mural by Ohpopsi, Black, white & Grey skyline of New York City Feature Wall Tiled Metal Wallpaper Wall Mural by Ohpopsi, Sheet of Tiled Metal Feature Wallpaper


What can I do if my wall is a different size to the roll sizes you sell?

If the space you want to decorate is larger than our Extra Large roll or is a different shape, we offer a bespoke printing service. Give us a call with your 2 measurements of your wall & the design that you are interested in & we will provide you with a quote to print your design to your specific measurements.


What is the finish of the wallpaper?

The designs are printed onto the best quality smooth, matt finish, pre-pasted wallpaper.


How long will my order take to arrive?

For our standard Large & Extra-Large Rolls please allow 7 days for delivery, however our average delivery time is 2-3 working days.

We will advise you on delivery times when discussing any bespoke orders.

Flamingo Land Wallpaper Wall Mural by Ohpopsi, Flamingo Land Feature Wallpaper Roses and Sparkles Wallpaper Wall Mural by Ohpopsi, Roses and Sparkles Feature Wallpaper Tropical Leaves Wallpaper Wall Mural by Ohpopsi, Tropical palm leaves


What is the returns policy for wallpaper?

If you receive your order and decide that you have changed your mind, as long as you haven’t opened the clear plastic cover on the wallpaper we are happy for you to return your item. Please give us a call before returning so we can discuss the best way for you to return your wallpaper. Return postage must be paid by the customer & it is the responsibility to ensure it arrives therefore tracking of your parcel is recommended.

If in the unusual situation you feel the wallpaper is damaged once you have opened it please contact us straight away. Please ensure you check the wallpaper for damage before you start to hang.


Wallpaper Hanging Instructions

Before you start

  • Un-roll the paper and trim the top and bottom of each strip to give your 6 or 7 strips for hanging.
  • Lay the whole mural out on the floor to see how the image matches up and to check for any inconsistencies. Due to the nature of the product we cannot be held responsible for any issues once you have started hanging the wallpaper.

Preparing your wall.

  • Always ensure the wall surface is clean, dry and structurally sound, free of mildew and grease and is as smooth as possible in order to achieve the best possible results when hanging wallpaper and for ease of removal when redecorating.
  • Any holes, cracks or defects in the surface should be filled with a good quality filler, smoothed out and allowed to completely dry.
  • Brush off the area to be covered with wallpaper with a stiff brush to remove all dirt and loose material.


Applying to a painted wall

  • For best results painted walls should be primed, especially if the paint is old, damaged or flaking.

Applying to previously wallpapered walls

  • For best results ensure that all previous paper and adhesive has been removed, fill and sand any holes where necessary to ensure a smooth, clean surface. The applying of a primer is recommended.

Applying to plasterboard

  • For best results apply to a wall surface that has been painted with one coat of builders primer and one coat of emulsion paint.


You are ready to get started

  1. When your wall is fully prepared, use a plumb line or spirit level to ensure you have a straight line to begin hanging your mural. The position of the first strip determines the overall look of the completed mural so take time to place it accurately.
  2. When ready to start hanging your paper be prepared to continue until all strips are hung, avoiding long periods between hanging each strip. Work from left to right.
  3. First trim off the hanging instructions keeping them nearby for reference.
  4. Using the printed guidelines cut off the first strip of your mural.
  5. Apply paste the wall wallpaper adhesive to the wall, covering enough area for the first strip.
  6. Apply the first strip to the wall, lining up to your plumb line/straight edge. Use a soft cloth to gently work out any large air pockets downwards and outwards. Take care not to overwork each strip as this could result in stretching, making it harder to line up following strips.
  7. Carefully remove any excess paste from the front of the mural using a lightly dampened cloth. Too much rubbing or cleaning may remove ink from the paper.
  8. Repeat steps 4 to 7 for the remaining 5 strips of your wall mural (6 for the Extra Large roll), lining up the design and tightly butting up each join so that no gaps can be seen.
  9. Trim any excess edges carefully after applying the paper.
  10. When all the strips of the mural have been hung, remove any excess wallpaper paste from the wall with a damp cloth.

If you have any comments or questions please email us at


We would love to see your mural once its up, so please email a picture to the email address above or contact us on our social media pages.





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