10 Simple steps to put your garden to bed for the winter

There are lots of jobs you can take now to keep your garden looking fabulous throughout the Autumn & Winter to prepare for the Spring.

  • Make sure you put away those garden cushions in a dry place for the winter, you are not going to get to sit on them now. Cover up your garden furniture to prevent weather damage
  • Raise all your pots off the ground using feet for your pots or using bricks. This will prevent your plants from becoming waterlogged which may potentially kill them.


  • If you have any rose bushes then clear up any leaves from the ground to prevent any disease on them from infecting the plant next year.
  • Plant your spring bulbs now for daffodils, tulips and alliums while the ground is still warm. Make a hole in the ground that’s three times the depth of the bulb, pop the bulb in the hole with the pointy end upwards, then cover with soil.Plant in clumps of at least five with 5-7cm between each bulb.
  • Add a burst of colour to your garden with Chrysanthemums, winter pansies and primulas as these are in flower now & you will find lots of them in garden centres.
  • Protect half-hardy plants with garden fleece or bring into a greenhouse.
  • Clear up all fallen leaves from borders and mulch with compost and bark chips to insulate plant roots for the winter.
  • Do your last lawn cut for the winter and aerate your lawn, fresh turf can be laid now to replace any bare patches as the water from the winter months will help it to bed in quicker.
  • Clean out your bird baths for the winter.
  • Clean out any water butts & let them fill up during the next months.

Treat you and your garden

Thank-you for reading

Michelle x

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