There has been a lot of movement over the last few years to using our outside spaces differently. When I was growing up our back garden consisted of grass & plants, we used it to play in. Now a days space is being squeezed inside our homes so we are looking at using our gardens as an additional room, either as a Living Room retreat, a relaxed Dining Room, an al fresco kitchen or even a bathroom haven (I’m really not sure on that one). 

I’m going to talk more about creating outside spaces next month but I thought I would give you an insight into what the top 20 Trends are for your gardens this year.




1. Boho Style

The 1970’s trend for decorative knot tying is back known as macramé but with a cool boho vibe. Not only accessories but swinging chairs and hammocks to reinforce your garden is a relaxation zone


2. Terrarium

This started last year and now they are coming in all shapes & sizes. Have a look at my take on this trend, these were really popular last year, and I can see will carry on this year. Succulents and Cacti are making a come back, I saw quite a few both fake & real around Christmas. 

Alternatively look at these great ideas of how to get creative with them yourself. You can use any kind of container, get creative using succulents, moss, sand & even add a few fair accessories. 


3. Going Natural

2019 saw a change to attitudes towards plastics, there is now a growing trend to eliminate as much plastics from our lives as we can. So this year will see a move towards more natural products for the garden. Keep your eye out for plant pots that are biodegradable, or from natural products. I will be researching this area further this year and writing a blog about how to reduce plastics out of your garden, so keep your eyes peeled for that.  

4. Grow your own

This year again you will find a lot of talk about eating from pot to plate as a better & healthier way to live. So mini greenhouses are a must this year, you can get them in all shapes & sizes. You dont need a massive garden and you dont have to spend a fortune on them. Have a look at the ideas below & click on the link to get some ideas for building your own. There is a great one made out of old CD cases, a great idea of recycling too.

5. Modern Cottage Garden Party

You will see lots of garden accessories around this year for creating the perfect afternoon tea, floral crockery with splashes of colour and lots & lots of patterns. 


6. On the floor

Informal low level entertaining is going to be big news for 2019. You will see plenty of rugs, floor cushions, throws so guests can truly relax at ground level.

Creating an outside movie area is a great idea too when having friends round or even just the family. 


7. Rose Gold

The metallic trend will continue this year, introduce it into your garden by adding it to concrete planters or accessories.



8. Rattan Accessories

Rattan will continue to be a growing trend in 2019, lots of interesting shapes & accessories will be seen around the shops & garden centres to help you introduce textures. Here are some examples of ideas to look out for.



9. Creating the lounge look

Making your outside spaces look more like your inside rooms is a must, by using washable rugs, cushions, magazine racks to store your magazines for when you are relaxing, candles, and throws for when its a bit chilly.




10. Colour Trend – Spring Yellow

Spring yellow is one of the key colours for 2019. Add accessories to your garden with cushions, & throws of different textures & pattersn. Making your outside spaces look more like your inside rooms is a must, by using washable rugs, cushions, magazine racks to store your magazines for when you are relaxing, candles, and throws for when its a bit chilly.

Read the report from Pantone below showing you the other trend colours for Spring 2019.

If you would like to add a bit of Spring colours to your home or garden then have a look at my handmade cushions below, they are perfect for this seasons trend.

I hope you enjoyed reading, my latest blog & have lots of ideas now for the new year. Please feel free to ask any questions or leave feedback below.

I also have a VIP Group on facebook which is FREE to join where I share tips, ideas & special offers daily. So if you enjoyed reading come over & join the Your Cosy Home Family, we are all very friendly and welcoming. 

Have a look at my previous blogs below you may find something else to read. You can also visit my Outdoor Living Shop where I have lots of fab accessories for your garden.

Michelle x


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