What are Christmas Eve Boxes?

Christmas is such a magical time for children and family traditions can help create the most amazing magical memories that will stay with your children forever.

Recently the tradition of Christmas Eve Boxes has become more and more popular. Christmas Eve is the most exciting day of the year for a lot of children and Christmas Eve Boxes are a way of breaking up the anticipation of waiting for Santa.


When do I give my children the Christmas Eve Boxes?

Christmas Eve Boxes can be introduced into the home in different ways. One suggestion is that if you have a visiting Elf during December he will probably leave the home on Christmas Eve in preparation for Father Christmas arriving. You could leave your Christmas Eve Boxes out first thing in the morning under the Christmas Tree as a gift from your Elf with a letter saying Thank-you for looking after him during December and as a reward for being on Santa’s Nice List. This way you can leave more activity crafts and games to keep your little ones entertained whilst you prepare the turkey ready for the following day.


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An alternative suggestion is to introduce your Christmas Eve Boxes from the Christmas Fairy early evening time. This way it can be used with the aim to create some calm in a very excited home.

Either way I’m sure your children would love a Christmas Eve Box.


Suggestions of what to fill your Christmas Eve Boxes with.

Creating a tradition of a Christmas Eve Box doesn’t have to be expensive and you can utilise items you already have or you may buy anyway for your children.

*Christmas Book possibly The Night before Christmas.
*Christmas Sticker Books
*Christmas craft ideas – Christmas card making kit for any relatives they may see the following day
*Board Games

*Gingerbread Cookies to decorate
*Sweets in a candy cone
*Chocolate coins
*Candy Canes

*Christmas biscuit making kit to leave for Santa
*Christmas Plate for Santa
*Santas Key
*Edible Reindeer Food
*Hot Chocolate – Snowman Soup
*Christmas Mug

*Kids Christmas Bedding
*Christmas Bubble Bath or Bath Bomb
*Christmas PJ’s
*Dressing Gown
*Fluffy Bed socks
*Christmas DVD

*Christmas outfit for Christmas Day

Buy your own Christmas Eve Box or Sacks

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Whatever traditions you decide to create, I hope that you and your family have a magical and wonderful Christmas, creating the most special of family memories.


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