So why when I was already running a successful online business did I decide to setup a 2nd one?

Sometimes I think I must be slightly mad, but honestly I love it. I love the interaction with my customers and helping them find exactly what they are looking for.

3 years ago I started selling a range of Christmas bedding mainly for kids, each year the demand has grown & I was asked constantly if I  had any Christmas bedding for adults especially in a King size.



Last Christmas (December 2016) the manufacturers responded to the demand and my ranges grew from six designs in the 1st year to around 30 designs last year for both kids and adults.

As the trend to decorate our homes increases I decided that for the coming Christmas (December 2017) I would expand our Christmas Collection past just bedding and cushions.

So the idea of Your Cosy Home was born!


Initially I was thinking of a Christmassy Name for the business, maybe Mrs Claus or Mrs Christmas but after a lot of brainstorming (and I do mean a lot, I was starting to drive myself mad by the end) I decided on Your Cosy Home so I could expand the range beyond Christmas with home & garden décor products throughout the year.

I have really enjoyed planning for the new business. I have been to a Christmas Trade show at the start of January just when everyone was taking down their decorations and Spring Fair in February which is the largest trade show of the year.

So what was you doing in January?


Images from the Christmas Trade Fair & the Spring Fair


I have spent most of January and February looking through suppliers Christmas Catalogues, you wouldn’t believe how much stuff is out there to choose from. So the initial plan was to decide on the Christmas Themes I was going to go with and then picking the stock to fit those themes. I will keep these to myself for now but I’m really excited to share them with you later in the year.

If you’ve had a nosy around my website you will see from the menu that the product ranges I have planned is extensive from decorations for your tree & home, soft furnishings such as bedding & cushions, door mats through to Outside decorations, advent & even an Elf on the Shelf collection.


So looking beyond Christmas I was left with the dilemma of what décor products for the home I was initially going to focus on this summer, but there are so many gorgeous products around it was really hard to decide.

I have initially stared with summer bedding & soft furnishings as this seemed a logical progression as I sell a large range of kids bedding through Kool Kids Rooms.  I think you will love what we have planned.  I am still putting together my collection but this will just grow & grow as we move through the year.


Buying stock is just one element of starting a new business, I have really enjoyed designing my logo with the lovely Michelle from Colourweel Creative. Once we had the initial design I decided that I would like to change the colour of the logo & the website depending on which season we are in so there are 4 versions which will change throughout the year.

January – March – Ice Blue |  April – June – Daffodil Yellow

July – September – Warm Orange |  October – December – Christmas Red


As well as designing the logo I have also built my own website which I am very proud of, I have always relied on other people in the past.

So I am looking forward to the rest of the year & especially focusing towards launching my summer ranges & then Christmas.

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Thank-you for reading

Michelle x



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